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U$ 100 Milhões Serão Doados Para Quem Apresentar Soluções para Problemas Sociais


Sera interessante acompanhar a discussão aberta nesta campanha, pois muitas soluções serão apresentadas e o debate esta' acontecendo.

$100 Million to Change the World

Can enough money "solve" a social problem?

The MacArthur Foundation just announced that it will award $100 million to an organization with the best meaningful (and feasible) proposal to use that money to solve a pressing social problem. And there are plenty to choose from: In the U.S., homelessness hass kyrocketed in cities, the number of heroin overdose deaths have tripled, and the maternal mortality rate is steadily rising, to name a few. But is $100 million enough to “solve” a social problem?

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Louis Charles Morelli Trying to solve a social problem is a wrong perspective from an observer situated at an entropic/chaotic point in the time /space of this natural universe.

1) The ultimate Earth's evolutionary product here and now is this new shape of natural systems 
called "consciousness". There is no rational possible alternative, given what we are watching here and now. Any solution that does not have this fundamental phenomena in consideration, has no future.

2) This planet was produced by this universal nature - so the Universe was channeled to produce planets like this one. The target producing such kind of planets is "consciousness", at least, it is what we see just now. The human species need not only to synchronize its evolution and way of life with the immediate state of Nature in this planet. We know that this state is changing, that it will not support life here forever. So, we need to synchronize our behaviors with the universe's goal, for to adapt and being welcome to others places that we will need to move on.

3) It is obvious that our actual state of "consciousness" is not the last evolved state. Since that the Earth's conscious systems still does not have its own physiological structure ( it can't its own third eye), then, it is not free, we must conclude that our consciousness is still at embrionary state. So, we are talking about placenta (this Earth's biosphere), eggs ( human heads) and genes ( humans unconscious missions). Any plans for any small social problem need fits the natural course. If not, it will be loosing time and resources.

4) The big problem for consciousness nurture and evolution just now is our primitive brain. Nature wants to operate a complex software here, but the hardware ( the brain) is not prepared for supporting it. Our sensors are too much limited. For instance, we lost the capacity of our "antennas" when diminishing the pineal glande. The brain problem is that we receive it from our primatas ancestors. Which were carnivore/herbivore, meaning that it had two genetic bias: to be predator and to be prays. We are oscillating between these two extremes, but, nature shows that the wise is the middle third option, after the two extremes are suppressed.

So, we need just now to declare a war against these two extreme selfishs genes. We need to search for a social system model that does not be favorable to any of these two prejudice for evolving brains. I have my plan. I don't know if it is the best. I would take a small and poor city and work it in the economic and world view aspects. The enough slice of land for one producing its house, food. The free time would be directed to industrial manufacturing of this food in social cooperative way. Genes need to get social for loosing their selfishness. The suprie would be bought by their cooperative. More free time would be directed to production of industrial appliances like house utilities. The goal is to produce from hammers to airplanes and spatial ships. Because, while the community is working its economic aspect they are being educated by a universal world view, and I have it already, called Matrix/DNA world view. The success of the first experience would be spread and copied in the whole planet. Then, and only in this way, we have a hope that our actual embryo of consciousness will be alive and carried on by out next generations. It is our chance to born as a universal soul and walking hand to hand with this Universe. If not, forget any solution for any social problem, the embryo will be aborted and our selves will have the same destiny of dinosaurs, lions, wales, eagles... going nowhere


Tom Stowe I always thought if I won one of those giant lottery jackpots I would like to make it My job to use a great portion of those winnings to help out humanity, but I can say 99.9% that I wouldn't have a clue on how best to do that. The problem would be that in a world of WANT there will always be Many in Need. In a world where most people probably can't tell the difference between what they need to live, and what they want to live; there will always be people just trying to live. I think all problems on earth could probably be solved, when we all come together as one force.
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Louis Charles Morelli Just trying to live is the normal state of non-rational animals, like those primata we came from. So, the solution to get people which know why they want to live is in the field of genetic inheritance plus consciousness formation. The strategy is suggested by Matrix/DNA world view

Robyn Knopf Needel -  FIRST Robotics would be my choice - a program that gets children and young adults involved in STEM, gets them interested in innovation and gives them critical thinking and problem solving abilities, and encourages them to visualize future problems and ...Ver mais

Louis Charles Morelli You are partially right. The open source and 3D technologies could solving economic problems just now. But... solving the material obstacles for a very comfortable human body position and forgetting the another half human being's composition is a trap at larger time. Do it and you will get stupid beings living a Brave new World under the Big brother, till Earth's changes and mass extinctions. Side by side with economic solutions we need education by a more universal world view ( which target is the transcendence of human species), as I explain at my post above.


Andrew James Campbell  - a major hurdle to dealing with these social issues is the notion that - for your own example - 100 million dollars can be part of the solution - this from the Mac.A Foundation demonstrates the lack of intelligence that pervades the entire universe of fixers

John Bruce Our country does not look forward enough. Our cultural ways are in the past and not capable of designing a great future for everyone. I would find an organization that is looking at designing a future directed cultural consciousness..

Thomas Sones Jr. education solves many problems. Let's improve schools everywhere, pay teachers more and make their profession more competitive, make sure preschool is available and effective, give job training to those who need it in responsible ways, reduce the cost of college for those who are working hard.
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Louis Charles Morelli Schools for teaching this wrong world view? Producing CEOs moved by greed? Job training for to be slavers and slaves? No, we need before a change in the school indoctrination.

Ward A. R. Dill Our nation's health and our moral compass demand that we reform our criminal justice system and treat prisoner's with respect and support. I am working to accomplish this with my novel, Imagining Justice which describes in detail how this can be accomplished. Love and kindness and rejection of Puritanical vengeance and punishment are critical steps to be taken.
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Louis Charles Morelli It is not acting on the prisoner (after a man made criminal) that we solve this problem. Work the social injustice outside the jail

Nancy Langwiser I would spend the money making sure that poor children, from the day they are conceived until the day they start public school get the medical attention they need, the educational supper they need and get their parents the parenting support they need. Preschool is too late to begin intervention to build better life skills.
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Louis Charles Morelli I can't understand why no woman can't understand that this planet can not support 8 billion human beings. it is not working with those that was born, but working to avoid that births.

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