terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2016

Minha opinião sobre o movimento " $15/h minimum wage"


How they got this number, 15.00/hour? Relax, I will explain:
I am offering a machine human body for doing 40 hours/week service as dish-wash, driver, cleaner, dog guard, etc., My machine human body is worth 240.000.00 ( that's what any parents spends for building these machines till 18 years old, ready for working.)
My parents wants their money back in the next 18 years and they said the machine can work only 40 hours/week because it needs maintenance, and more than that it gets sick, can loose its mind, etc.
Making the calculus, they are charging 13.333,00 a year, 6.90 a hour. That is not too much, ok?
Ok, but... this machine do nothing alone, it needs a driver, which is me, my mind. I can bring on the famous doctor in law that proved the dualism body can not be separated from the mind, Mr. Renee Descartes. If my mind needs standing in the job, I will charge the minimum wage, which is 8.25/hour.
So, the sum of 6.90 + 8.25 is 15.00/hour. It is not me asking more than 8.25,  because the increase of 6.90 will go to my parents for paying their money back, do you understand?
God told me that this is the right and honesty way for doing divine business, and if I do it, I will go to heaven. But... if I charge less than that, I will prejudice the others set of machine human body + mind, and I will go to hell. Do you understand that number now?

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