sábado, 28 de novembro de 2015

Estamos apenas a 3 segundos do tempo terrestre na Terra. Causa da Rapida Degradacao


Ver video:


E meu comentario postado em 8, Nov - 2015

Louis Charles Morelli The real problem is not neither "us". Humans are like animals and them can not prejudices a planet. The real problem is the strong idea behind us. That's what no other animal have. The human interpretation of life and world, which creates civilizations and its social systems, the moral code and behaviors. Two interpretations are very wrong: 1) The magical thinking where Nature is less important than an imagined super-natural; 2) Mimicking the law of the jungle. So, all social systems are shared into a) the big predators ( high class), the middle predator (the middle class), and the preys ( the worker class). But, the wild of the jungle was produced by the chaos state of Nature. We need to mirror on to the ordered state, it is very different. Now we have a new interpretation of life and the world, never imagined before, called Matrix/DNA Theory, or world view. I you don't see it, you are not really worried with the real force that is killing the planet.

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