quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2015

Video viral do terrorista frances sendo morto: Porque muslims e franceses estao atras do alvo errado.


Veja video e a explicacao abaixo que ninguem mais ousa dizer.

Suspected Paris attack mastermind surfaces online


Same history, again and again. This guy doing everything wrong but the French people are also doing it wrong. Religion is used on the fight for money, power. If they are humiliated, their enemies are in their own land. The enemies are the big predators of their land, like the sultan, the caliph, the kings of the oil, who are funding the ayatollahs for teaching a religion that keeps the slaves as docils like prey. And, then, the caliph and the ayatollah tell them that their poor life is due the actions of non-muslims, foreign people. Then they go after the foreign people, the wrong target. But, France, America, Russians, are going after the wrong target also. 

Religion is the abstract entity of a social system created by a unique piece that becomes dominant and applies rules that keep the system ( the other parts) running under control. Religion works because the human species's consciousness is a baby yet, and the babies' minds works with phantasies, like talking with an invisible and ghost friend. It does not matter if the human body is an adult one, the collective consciousness is a baby yet, then, the invisible fiend has the name of God. The big predators of nowadays social systems know about that and use it. Are the big predators of their land, muslims? Of course, not. They are not mysticals, their goal is business, making money, having lots of slaves, which they get using mental fantasies, like religions. Was Hitler a nazi? Of course, not, his unique and supreme goal was to be the imperator. By the way, I think that the Last Judgment is arriving because we are seeing the signal of the beast as the face of this stupid assassin in this video. An assassin made by the money owners of their land. If you does not cut the evil at the roots, you are losing yours time. So, how we will stop the factory of these assassins? Stopping the big predators using religion. There is no other way because while we are arresting one today, there are lots of them being factored just now. Behind any religion, any faith, there is the practical economic interest. What are looking this guy also, if not a better life, which means more money and less hard work? His words are elucidative: those that are sitting, it is because has no chance to have a life of their own, because they have no money. The use of words like muslin, faith, etc, is for the depicting their real, maybe not conscious, goal. Same history, ever and again! The real culprit of Paris attack are not muslims, neither ISIS, the smallest guys.

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