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Debate no Youtubre entre Feminismo x Masculinismo; Homem devolve tapa de Mulher


A Guy Slapping Back A Girl, An Eye Opening Video For Girls


What happens to bees and ant societies when a female gets the supreme power as queen? Why the males falls dead following the mate with the queen? Those insect societies has no future, they can not evolve, and in that way they will be extinct. Why? The human society is building exactly the same kind of those insects societies. We are going to be the Brave New World of Huxley and under the Big Mother, as the big brother of Orwell. Happy and rich creatures, but totally stupid as robots and going to extinction. Why? If you know the natural universal formula that Nature has used for organizing matter into systems since the Big Bang you get those answers and you learn which are the deep differences between the male and female nature. The universal dichotomy between positive/negative, or cold/hot, etc, when arrives to human sexuality becomes the dichotomy male/female. No man will understand the female instinct and no woman will understand the male instinct without knowing that formula. But Nature does not have as the unique determined destiny, the extinction of any system. There is the possibility for transcendence of a system, when it is transformed into a more evolved system. For getting the transcendence, the system needs to find the thermodynamic equilibrium between its two opposites. Must have no dominance by one side or another. So, humanity can go to the brave New World as economic aspect, but can also keeps the freedom of the mind, for getting the space before this planet can not support life. How male and females could know what they need to do for their transcendence? The formula has the answer. Female has he supreme tendency to be closed system and male to be opened system. Both are a trap, a dead end. The insect societies are dead end because they becomes closed systems in itself, they are ruled by female soul. In another hand if ale take the total power, the society will be opened till its fragmentation by entropy, has no future also. If both genres understand this issue, they will learn what they need to do for changing themselves and controlling their ( soul) natural tendency encrypted as selfish genes. It is lost of time debating these details about the "here and now" as who have to earn more, or who have to cook the food, etc. This is a natural universal cosmological issue. Understanding it, all these details becomes nothing, all conflict disappears.( the formula is at Matrix/DNA Theory website)

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