sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2016

Doutora Ataca Motorista de taxi: Video



girl may have lost her entire career, which she has worked so hard for, studying/working 12 hour days plus for at least eight years of medical school and residency

She seems pretty lucid. She had the sense to cry when she finally got put into the police car

Plus imagine all the times in your past when you had a horrible embarassing temper tantrum. Now imagine it was randomly recorded. Before social media ruining someone's livelihood and entire future over a horrible embarassing low moment did not exist and is shortsighted and sadistic.privacy these days does not exist.

And what about the driver? Suspended because of her!

Had there been no video she could have accused the driver of sexual assault, etc. She deserves all she gets, a lesson gender fems, someone is watching, hopefully.

She didn't "work hard". LOL She used her parents money and her looks to get EVERYTHING in life. Hard work...my ass

if you're judgement is this bad, you shouldn't be practicing medicine. Who wants this loudmouth, vulgar, rude destructive whore doing their neurology work? Not me!

a girl that worked so hard for her career shouldn't look like a prostitute. the way she was behaving is unacceptable. a neurologist should never get themselves in that situation. patients place an enormous amount of trust in professionals. she is unprofessional.

has already destroyed her. Indian culture is different. The Indian community is different.

unfortunatly in this culture a woman can get away with hitting, spitting, defaming men and men are supposed to be chivalrist and take it. it takes an act of congress for women to be held accountable for stuff that if a man does it they are arrested, prosecuted and defamed on mass media. ;but they want equality with men , what a joke.

she is just another privileged little shit that threw a temper tantrum when she didn't get her way

this girl is assaulting him, destroying his property and causing a civil disturbance.

Anjali Ramkissoon a neurological doctor from Miami

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