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A Matrix/DNA Irradiada pelo Centro da Terra?!


Rosacruzes, Max Heindel


Occult Principles of
Health and Healing


Max Heindel

" Consciousness results from the antagonistic activities of the desire and vital currents... vital currents radiating from the center of the Earth."


   The spirit alcohol, which is fermented OUTSIDE the system, is being superseded by sugar, which ferments WITHIN. In the past a stimulant was indispensable in rousing the human Spirit from the lethargy attendant upon a meat diet; the bacchanalian orgies in ancient temples, which properly fill us with horror nowadays, were then of immense value in human development. As consumption of sugar increases, use of alcohol diminishes (?) and, concurrently, the moral standard is gradually elevated. People grow more altruistic and Christ-like in proportion to their use of the non- inebriating stimulant, and therefore the temperance movement is one of the most powerful factors to hasten the coming of Christ.

   It is evident that evolutionary progress is elevating the lower kingdoms as well as humanity. (?) The animals, particularly the domesticated species, are nearing individualization, and their withdrawal from manifestation has already commenced. As a result it will in time be impossible to obtain flesh food. Then the death knell of "King Alcohol" will have struck, for only flesh eaters crave liquor.

   In the meantime plant life is growing more sentient. The lateral limbs of trees produce more abundantly than do vertical branches because in plants, as in us, consciousness results from the antagonistic activities of the desire and vital currents (?). Lateral limbs are swept through their entire length by desire currents which circle our planet and which act so powerfully in the horizontal animal spines. The desire currents rouse the sleeping plant life in the lateral limbs to a higher degree of consciousness than is the case with the vertical branches, which are traversed lengthwise by vital currents radiating from the center of the Earth. Thus, in time, the plants will also become too sensitive as food and another source must be sought.

   Today, we have considerable ability in working with the chemical mineral substances; we mold them into houses, ships, and all outer things which evidence our civilization. We are masters of the minerals OUTSIDE our body, but powerless to assimilate and use them INSIDE our system to build our organs until the plant life has transmuted crystals into crystalloids. Our work with the minerals in the exterior world is raising their vibration and paving the way for direct interior use. By spiritual alchemy we shall build the temple of the Spirit, conquer the dust whence we came, and qualify as true Master Masons prepared for work in higher spheres

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