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Vital Matrix ?! Pesquisar este trecho e Max Heindel


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Max Heindel, on the other hand, extends astrotherapy to all forms of healing and calls it a science, declaring it to have two basic laws: "the Law of Compatability [sic]" and "the law of Systemic Receptibility." A brief quotation from Heindel's work will demonstrate to the astute reader why I will not bother to review these "laws."
At the time of conception the Moon was in the degree which ascends at birth (or its opposite); the vital body was then placed in the mother's womb as a matrix into which the chemical elements forming our dense body are built. The vital body emits a sound similar to the buzz of a bumblebee. During life these etheric sound waves attract and place the chemical elements of our food so that they are formed into organs and tissues. So long as the etheric sound waves in our vital body are in harmony with the keynote of the archetype, the chemical elements wherewith we nourish our dense body are properly disposed of and assimilated, and health prevails no matter whether we are stout or thin, of rosy complexion or sallow, or whatever the outward appearance. But the moment the sound waves in the vital body vary from the archetypal key-note, this dissonance places the chemical elements of our food in a manner incongruous with the lines of force in the archetype. . . .
The general rule is: From the time of the New Moon to that of the Full Moon stimulants produce the greatest effect and sedatives are weakest. Decrease the dose of stimulants and increase that of sedatives. The exception is: When the Moon increasing approaches a conjunction to Saturn give larger doses of stimulants and smaller doses of sedatives. 
We are not told from what ancient spirit these theories were channeled and we are left to guess at the origin of such thoughts. One will search in vain for anything resembling ordinary science in Heindel's writings. One will find, however, a belief in the music of the spheres.
What is one to make of the new astrology which seems to place itself outside of the realm of empirical testing and outside of a concern for empirical truth or falsity? This is seen as progress by the astropsychologists, but for those of us who prefer our delusions to be rooted in terra firma, astrotherapy is just one more in a long line of  "crazy" therapies.

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