terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016

Video de Carangueijo usando faca feito no Brasil sai no Washington Post e torna-se viral


Viral Video UK: Gangster crab!


E como não podia deixar de ser, deixei ali meus comentários:

Louis Charles Morelli 
Louis Charles Morelli - 15/03/2016

I think this is an alien spycrab from the Planet of the Rising Crabs, Orion, Nebula Constellation. The neighbors said they saw an UFO that night with a message: Terrestrians Crabs Lives Matters. The aliens are telling to terrestrians crabs that they have the human right to arms too. But they said also that is not for terrestrian crabs to worry because Trump will be elected and the human race will desapear in the next day..

Louis Charles Morelli 1 second ago
+Louis Charles Morelli - What?!! People saying that the guy put the knife into the crab`s claw?! I thought the crab drove to the store, purchased the knife and was in the midst of a city wide rampage.

Louis Charles Morelli 1 second ago
+Louis Charles Morelli To the brazilian guy that made this film: " Porque você não pegou uma faca e enfrentou o carangueijo de homem para homem?" Take another knife and fight the crab as man to man, man

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