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Uma Visao da Formula MAtrix/DNA no Sistema Solar ?! Rosacruz e Cristianismo na Astrologia


Rosacruzes, Max Heindel

Occult Principles of
Health and Healing


Max Heindel



   It is well known to the modern physician that the condition of the blood, and therefore the condition of the whole body, changes in sympathy with the state of mind of the patient, and the more the physician uses suggestion as an adjunct to medicine the more successful he is. Few perhaps would credit the further fact that both our mental and physical condition is influenced by planetary rays which change as the planets move. In these days since the principle of radio-activity has been established we know that everybody projects into space numberless little particles. Wireless telegraphy has taught us that etheric waves travel swiftly and surely through space and operate a key according to our will. We also know that the rays of the sun affect us differently in the morning when they strike us horizontally than at noon when they are perpendicular. If the light rays from the swift-moving sun produce physical and mental changes, may not the persistent rays of slower planets also have an effect?

( Matrix/DNA: Swift sun e persistent rays of slower planets?! Pelo que sei a energia que vem do Sol e` muito mais poderosa e portanto mais influencia as coisas na Terra que as radiações dos núcleos dos outros planetas, as quais tenho suspeitas que nem alcancem a Terra. No entanto... se ele esta` dizendo e não esta` aqui para se defender, deixo isso em aberto

If they have, they are factors in health not to be overlooked by a thoroughly scientific healer, and we therefore maintain that results may be obtained more easily at certain times when the stellar rays are propitious for the healing of a particular disease or for treatment with remedies previously prepared under auspicious conditions.

( Matrix/DNA: Heindel não apresentou provas/evidencias de que as radiações de outros planetas tem influencia neste planeta, porem, ja pulou para conclusões como se tivesse certeza que eles tem essa influencia)

   If physicians would study the science of astrology, they would thus with a very slight effort be able to diagnose their patient's condition in a manner altogether impossible from the ordinary diagnostician's point of view. 

Some physicians are waking up to that fact and have discovered by their experiences that the heavenly bodies do have an influence upon the human frame. For instance, when the writer was in Portland, Oregon, a physician mentioned as his observation that whenever it was possible for him to perform an operation while the moon was increasing in light, that is to say, going from the new to the full, the operation was always successful and no complications would set in. On the other hand, he had found that when circumstances compelled him to perform an operation when the Moon was going from the full to the dark there was great danger of trouble, and that such operations were never as satisfactory as those performed while the light of the Moon was increasing.

( Matrix/DNA : Heindel não sabia que a Lua não tem luz própria?! O que ela faz e` refletir com maior ou menor intensidade a luz do Sol. Mas se esta luz da Lua tem influencia na aura/formula humana, deveria ser como a influencia de um imã, ou seja, uma massa com uma unica frequência que apenas atinge um minusculo ponto no trecho do circuito da formula. O raio da Lua não tem forma de formula, portanto não tem alcance para consertar os pontos defeituosos do circuito. No entanto, o medico constatou o sucesso das luas cheias, e não se sabe explicar a causa. Eu ainda não acertei como o sistema solar esta estruturado em relacao a formula, não sei se o Sol emite todos os fótons de todas as frequências ao mesmo tempo ou se vai pondo-os numa sequencia como o desenrolar de uma cebola... tudo aqui ainda e` objeto de mais pesquisa)    

   The way to find out the peculiarities of the Spirit that dwells in the patient's body is to cast his horoscope to see when the times are propitious for the administration of drugs, giving the appropriate HERBS at the proper time.

( Matrix/DNA: Ok, vamos supor que o horoscopo seja um mapa do circuito sistêmico do sistema solar e os dois sejam mapas da formula da Matrix, que por sua vez seria o template dos vários subsistemas do corpo humano e do sistema em si mesmo. Se tudo que e` sistema natural foi organizado pelo mesmo método pela Natureza, seria logico que fosse assim. Porem, primeiro, não sabemos se a astrologia descobriu a formula da Matrix, mesmo que tenha descoberto a formula do sistema solar. Porque, segundo, o sistema solar não pode ter a formula da Matrix no seu estado perfeito, portanto, sem a formula perfeita, como iria se detectar os pontos defeituosos no sistema humano? Pelo que Heindel sugere o sistema solar estaria constantemente mudando o estado da formula, e num destes estados poderia ser o ideal para consertar uma doença num corpo vivo aqui,... Dada a acreditada fixidez constante do sistema solar, pelas forcas mecânicas segundo Newton, me parece que este não e` o caso, no entanto, preciso conhecer a astrologia dos rosacruzes para saber a que imputam essa volatilidade de mudanças)

 Paracelsus did that, and therefore he was always successful with his patients; he never made a mistake. 

(Matrix/DNA: Really?! de onde tiraste essa informação? E Paracelsus era astrólogo, ou seguia astrologia dos rosa-cruzes na sua medicina? Se sim, a Ciência acadêmica , sendo correta a afirmação de seu sucesso, deveria mudar sua posição extremada negativista sobre astrologia e partir para pesquisar o assunto. E devo rever/reler quem foi Paracelsus)

There are some who use astrology for that purpose today; the writer, for instance, has thus used it in diagnosis in many cases. He has then always been able to see the crises in the patient's condition, the past, present, and future; and thus has been able to afford much relief to persons suffering from various illnesses. It is to such uses that astrology should be put, and not degraded into fortune-telling for the sake of gold, for, like all spiritual sciences, it ought to be used for the benefit of humanity, regardless of mercenary considerations.

There are seven spheres, the planets of our solar system. 

Nope !

Each has its own keynote and emits a sound varying from that of every other planet. 

A Matrix/DNA tem sugerido que cada orbita do Sol e` uma onda numa especifica e distinta frequência. Mas tambem planetas, de acordo com idade/estado de seus nucleos, vibram numa especifica frequência. Isto sugere que os planetas estão nas orbitas cuja frequência seja igual a sua.

One or more among them vibrates in particular synchrony with the seed atom ( ?) of the Ego then seeking embodiment. 

This planet then corresponds to the "tonic" in the music scale, and though the tones from all the planets are necessary to build up an organism completely, each is modified and made to conform to the basic impact given by the most harmonious planet, which is therefore the ruler of that life. 

( Matrix/DNA: Parece que Heindel desconhecia a existencia do DNA, pois seria impossivel falar da construcao do corpo humano sem falar no DNA. Mas tudo bem, se o DNA e` a formula entao ele tem toas as frequencias, os tons desta musica. Mas os tons do DNA e nao dos planetas devem dirigir o processo de construcao. E` possivel que nesta construcao, um tom forte vindo do planeta harmoniosos naquele momento, reinforce o mesmo tom no DNA, fazendo que sua funcao sistemica seja predominante, mais que as outras...) 

As in terrestrial music so also in the celestial there are harmonies and discords, and these all impinge upon the seed atom and aid in building the archetype. Vibratory lines of force are thus formed, which later attract and arrange physical particles as spores of sand are marshaled into geometrical figures by bowing a brass plate with a violin bow.
   Along these archetypal lines of vibration the physical body is later built, and thus it expresses accurately the harmony of the spheres as it was played during the period of construction. This period, however, is much longer than the actual period of gestation, and varies according to the complexity of the structure required by the life seeking physical manifestation. Nor is the process of construction of the archetype continuous, for under aspects of the planets which produce notes to which vibratory powers of the seed atom cannot respond it simply hums over those which it has already learned, and thus engaged it waits for a new sound which it can use to build more of the organism which it desires in order to express itself.
   Thus, seeing that the terrestrial organism which each of us inhabits is molded along vibratory lines produced by the song of the spheres, we may realize that the inharmonies which express themselves as disease are produced in the first place by the spiritual inharmony within. It is further evident that if we obtain accurate knowledge concerning the direct cause of the inharmony and remedy it, the physical manifestation of disease will shortly disappear. It is this information which is given by the horoscope of birth, for there each planet in its house and sign expresses harmony or discord, health or disease. Therefore, all methods of healing are adequate only in proportion as they take into consideration the stellar harmonies and discords expressed in the wheel of life--the horoscope.
   While the laws of Nature that govern in the lower realms are all-powerful under ordinary circumstances, there are higher laws which pertain to the spiritual realms and which may under certain circumstances be made to supersede the former. For instance, the forgiveness of sins upon recognition thereof and true repentance is made to supersede the law which demands and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. When Christ walked upon this Earth and healed the sick, He, being the lord of the Sun, embodied within Himself the synthesis of the stellar vibrations as the octave embodies all the tones of the scale, and He could therefore emit from Himself the true corrective planetary influence required in each case. He sensed the inharmony and knew at once wherewith to offset it by virtue of His exalted development. He had no need of any further preparation, but obtained results at once by substituting harmony for the planetary discord which caused the disease wherewith He was dealing. Only in one case did He take refuge in the higher law and say, "Arise, thy sins are forgiven."
   Likewise with the ordinary methods employed in the Rosicrucian System of Healing, they depend upon a knowledge of the planetary inharmonies which cause disease and the correcting influence which will remedy the same. This has sufficed in all the instances which have come under our notice to date. However, there is a more powerful method available under a higher law which may accelerate recovery in cases of long standing, and under certain circumstances where the sincere and heartfelt recognition of wrong exists, may even obliterate the effects of disease before destiny, cold and hard, would otherwise so decree.
   When we look with spiritual vision upon one who is diseased, whether the physical body be emaciated or not, it is plainly evident to the Seer that the finer vehicles are much more tenuous than during health. Thus they do not transmit to the physical body a proper quota of vitality, and as a consequence that instrument becomes more or less disrupted. But whatever may be the state of emaciation of the rest of the physical body, certain centers which are tenuous during health in a degree varying with the spiritual development of the man, become clogged in an increasing degree according to the seriousness of the disease. This is particularly true of the main center between the eyebrows. Therein the Spirit is immured, sometimes to such an extent that it loses touch with the outer world and its progress and becomes so thoroughly centered upon its own condition that only complete rupture of the physical body can set it free. This may be a process of long years, and in the meantime the planetary inharmony which caused the initial disease may have passed by, but the sufferer is unable to take advantage of the improved conditions. In such cases a spiritual outpouring of a special kind is necessary to bring to the soul its message, "Thy sins are forgiven." When that has been heard, it may respond to the command, "Take up thy bed and walk."
   None among our present humanity can measure anywhere near the stature of the Christ, consequently none can exercise His power in such extreme cases; but the need of that power in active manifestation exists today as much as it did two thousand years ago. Spirit pervades everything in and upon our planet, but in a varying measure. It has more affinity for some substances than for others. Being an emanation from the Christ Principle, it is the Universal Spirit composing the World of Life Spirit that restores the synthetic harmony of the body



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