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Misticos x Materialistas: A Briga Entre O Paradigma de Peter Russel, Chopra e o dos Materialisas Academicos


The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell - Full Version



The Reality of Consciousness, Peter Russell


Notar que Peter Russel tem Diploma em Física Teórica e Computer Science.


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Louis Charles Morelli 
Louis Charles Morelli - Mar - 03 - 2016

I think that Russel is doing a good thing when fighting the arrogance of the masters of the universities that became materialists. But, Russel is doing a bad service when trying to convincing that the old paradigm must be our actual paradigm. What the Vedas, the Upanishads, Confucius, Buddhism and Nisargadatta built is a eastern world with billions of human beings in total misery, slaves.. If not the Western technology they would be still at the stone age, meditating. What Nirvana bring on as good for Humanity... nothing, because it can not operate in the world that our body need to operating for surviving. For us there is no useful feedback from the state of Nirvana I think that the best paradigm still is the Matrix/DNA world view. In this world there is no primacy of matter neither consciousness. Both composes the universal Nature, so, both must had composed the creator of this Universe through that Big Bang. Consciousness is the identity that arises from natural systems when the sum of all information of all parts plus the fuzzy information that arises from the interactions among the parts, as a new information that rules the system. There is a feedback process between matter and consciousness for getting the evolution of both, consciousness and material or natural systems. So, all natural systems as atoms, galaxies, bacteria or human beings had their right evolutionary stage of consciousness. The supreme goal of this Universe~s existence is nurturing this natural system~s embryo, for our little consciousness today reaching the bigger state of ex-universe consciousness. Like any human baby following its parents. The most and unique appropriate Master that we must ask our questions is Nature. Nature does not plays dice with its creatures, it always have some signal here and now that is the right answer for our questions. For instance, which came fist - consciousness or brain, or biological matter... And Nature points towards an embryo being nurtured inside the womb. There, consciousness emerges at the 6 or 7 month, upon the fetus or the embryo. When the brain is ready. But, it was not the embryo's brain that created consciousness, it already was existing outside the little embryo's universe/womb, at its parents' bodies. Who were made of consciousness and Nature. A human embryo takes 7 months for manifestation of consciousness; the Universe takes 13,7 billion years. What is the problem... if not a merely relativistic issue. This is the answer that the Master Nature show to us here and now. So, the creator of this Universe must be a system totally natural and conscious, that did not used magic or computation, merely the process of genetic reproduction. Like the conscious property was there inside the spermatozoon and the ovule at the fecundation event, and kept as a potential state at every primordial evolutionary stage of the new being, consciousness was here since the Big Bang of this Universe, which was a fecundation event. But, the building blocks of matter also were there. So, the two paradigm are right and wrong into something, but the real right one is the third,... Matrix/DNA world view. Because when I was searching a paradigm that could answer my questions, I didn't ask to teachers of universities neither the priest of churches, I went seven years into the heart of Amazon jungle asking it to the nude and virgin Nature. Which does not plays dice with its creatures and know the Universal History of 13,7 billion years old.


Descrição do Video de Peter Russel, para ser traduzida aqui:

Published on Nov 21, 2014

He has degrees in theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science from the University of Cambridge in England, and has written ten books in this area, including The Global Brain Awakens, Waking Up in Time, and most recently, From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness.

Wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, the collapse of the wave function, and entanglement all point to awareness being an intrinsic aspect of reality. Yet we are still trying to understand them in terms of a worldview that believes the real world to be that
of space, time, and matter, and relegates consciousness to some artifact of brain processes.

Yet the one thing of which we are certain is that we are aware. And it is the one thing the current worldview cannot account for. is profound anomaly will ultimately lead to the full paradigm shift to which contemporary physics is, unwittingly, pointing.

With consciousness as primary, everything remains the same and everything changes. Mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry are unchanged. What changes is our assumption as to what they are describing. They are not describing the unfolding of a physical world, but the unfolding of a universal self-aware eld. We are led to the conclusion that the entire cosmos is a vast eld of knowing, knowing itself, and in that knowing creating for itself the appearance of a material world. Why then don't we see it that way? Why does the material world appear devoid of consciousness?

From the deep pools of Eastern wisdom, to the fast-paced rapids of the West, Peter Russell has mastered many fields, and synthesized them with consummate artistry. Weaving his unique blend of scientific rationale, global vision, and intuitive wisdom, Peter brings a sharp, critical mind to the challenge of self-awakening. The next great frontier of human exploration, he shows, is not outer space, but inner space—the development of the human mind.

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