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Medulla Oblongata, Chama da Aura,F1: Sobre Cerebro, Fotons do Sol



Occult Principles of
Health and Healingt


Max Heindel

There is in the skull at the base of the brain a flame. It burns continually in the medulla oblongata at the head of the spinal cord, and like the fire on the altar of the tabernacle, is of divine origin. This fire emits a singing sound like the buzz of a bee, which is the keynote of the physical body, and is sounded by the archetype. It builds in and cements together that mass of cells known as "our body."

   The fire burns high or low, clear or dim, according to how we feed it. There is fire in everything in nature EXCEPT THE MINERAL KINGDOM. It has no vital body and therefore no avenue for the ingress of the Life Spirit, the fire. We replenish this sacred fire partly from the FORCES FROM THE SUN entering the vital body through the etheric counterpart of the spleen and from there to the solar plexus where it is colored and then carried upward through the blood. We also FEED THE FIRE FROM THE LIVING FIRE WE ABSORB FROM THE UNCOOKED FOOD WHICH WE EAT AND THUS ASSIMILATE.

Medulla oblongata (cont. pesquisa)

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