domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2016

Este mundo seria melhor sem os humanos? Veja porque não (debate no Quora).


How much better off would the world be without humans?

Question made by Richard MullerProf Physics, UC Berkeley, author "The Instant Physicist"
Minha resposta:
Louis Charles Morelli - Fev/08/2016

2 things:

1) this "world" need humans, it was determined that would have something like humans. It is because...
1) the property of consciousness was disposable in the matter here, so, for to flourish;

2) Life began under the Nature's half-face of chaos. Go to the jungle and you will agree that biosphere is the state of chaos. But, natural evolution advances by cycles of " ordered mature system > final limit and system's capacity for evolution >.entropy>.degeneration/fragmentation > chaos > mutation > new system maturation > new ordered system > These variables/mechanisms are missing in the evolutionary theory today...." Humans are the beginnings of the ordered state that is replacing the initial chaos, humans was unavoidable;

2) humans still keeps the genetic inheritance from ancestor, so, all social systems created till now (monarchism, communism, capitalism, etc.) mimics the wild rules of the jungle. Then,

a) in the jungle there are the big predators. Here they are the billionaires, most those CEOs of corporations, republicans, etc.

2) In the jungle there are the medium predators. Here there is the class media;

3) There are the preys. Here they are all poor and manual workers under wages, slaves that are being vampiresed, sucked, in their energy-work, by those two levels of predators.

Violence still shows the same final meaning and result as the wild animal world. Only has changed the techniques, with the predators hypnoses of the prey"s mental ignorance with a culture that works like a Matrix ( religion, wrong interpretation of natural phenomena, lies about the final meanings of existence, nationalism, etc.)

Of course, if humans will entering into a super-way of life, like did all big predators ( dinosaurs), Nature will discard them ( as it is discarding lions, wales, eagles, etc.). And will go back in evolution investing in a new small species ( it discarded the bigger reptiles and choose the smaller mammalians at that time)..

Humans will be discarded if continuing to going towards the wrong ordered state of the Brave New World ( Huxley) ruled by a Big Queen, or Big Mother ( Orwell) like went the discarded insects societies (ants, bees). This is the state of closed system in itself, which means closed doors to evolution, where the mental robotization causes the premature abortion of this actual fetus of consciousness that we are nurturing inside our heads.. Today we have a new world view able to create the right moral code with the right meaning of life that could be our salvation. It is called Matrix/DNA Theory. It is able to exorcize this terrible selfish genetic inheritance. 

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