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Som Imprimindo Frequências na Água, Repetindo Padrao de Imagens, Como A Luz na Dark Matter


Video muito bom para ser usando em palestras sobre a luz imprimindo código e padrões na matéria.

Diferentes sons sao medidos por Hertz. Existe uma controversia entre os sons de 432 Hertz e 440 hertz, dizendo-se que o primeiro e' espiritual e faz bem 'a saude, enquanto o 440 suscita a agressividade e faz mal a saude.

Sera uma diferença entre a frequência implantadora da ordem e a do caos...

No link para Youtube abaixo se vê os padrões ( como mandalas) que o 432 H imprime numa gota de água.  Estas cenas são muito parecidas com as sugeridas pela Matrix/DNA de como as ondas de luz construíram os primeiros sistemas naturais, imprimindo seu código na substancia espacial inerte.

A = 432 Hertz Cymatics

Existe um website sobre o Cymascope, um aparelho inventado para captar estas impressões nas substancias:

Meu comentario postado no Youtube:
Louis Charles Morelli 
Louis Charles Morelli - Feb - 24 2016
Joining the musicians researchers and the Matrix/DNA Theory researchers, we get initially interesting conclusions and hypothesis. Original and natural waves of light/radiations from a pulsating universe constantly emitting Big Bangs imprints the code for building natural systems upon the space's inertial substance, which can be called dark matter, ether, etc... is the suggestion from Matrix/DNA models and formulas. ( which can be seen at http://theuniversalmatrix.com ) This light's code is a kind of software algorithmic formula that appears like a mandala, with the difference that each mandala's flower has its specific shape and systemic function. Matrix/DNA is suggesting that 432 Hz is the frequency that imprints order upon matter, while 440 Hz must be the frequency of entropic decay that imprints chaos. Then we have some questions to musicians: 1) Have you experienced to emit all frequencies at same time upon water, or other substance... If so, which image did you get... By our theory the result must be the complete Matrix formula 2) We don't have studied the essence of sound waves. I think that sound is in the ear of the listener, not in matter or the external world, like the colors of white light is in the observer's eyes. Is it right...or wrong... 3) Sound could be the liberation, the freedom, of stocked energy ( in shape of photons, maybe) in hard solid bodies when violent hit. Our eyes can not see the emitted waves, but our ear ( maybe with the help of the antenna, pineal gland) can get it but translate it into sounds. Is it right...or wrong... Thanks by any answer.

Interessante o post abaixo:

I had an experience akin to a Near Death Experience last year. A lot of scientific information just 'came to me. It has inspired me to create a series based on the research I've been doing ever since. Basically the core message was "Everything is an infinite range of frequencies and vibrations." and then very significantly "Music is the key. It is possible for music to heal ANYTHING." I felt the words with such truth during the experience that I've been researching sound healing ever since :)

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