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O Discurso Retorico do Ar Condicionado x O Discurso Natural Caotico da Selva


Vejo esta questão postada no Quora, e achei ser uma coisa tao superficial, sem alma e sangue nas veias, ( claro, olhe abaixo a foto e a condição social da pessoa que postou), que não resisti a deixar como resposta o comentário abaixo:


Angie Neik
Angie Neikhas one. And mastered it to be a really good one.
E meu comentario postado ali:

Louis Charles Morelli - 2/6/2016

Everybody have opinion about the thru meaning of life, based on his/her private world view. Only the lessons of Nature changes ones world view, you are loosing yours time trying philosophical arguments. But, many times Nature is sending signals that are good lessons and there are people that does not grasp the signals, so, they keep feeding their wrong world view. About the goal of yours message here, would be better if you show them one of these signals. Like this one:

In the jungle, the wild face of Nature where dominates the chaotic state, and animalism prevails, the " social" rules are built by the collective poisons. So we have: 1) the big predators; 2) the medium predators; and 3) the preys.

But, all social systems created by man obeys the same wild rules, where: 1) the big predators are the high class;2) the medium predators are the class media; 3) the preys are the workers explored in their energy/work.

Then, any high class behaving like high class is behaving like animals; so are the media and the low class. You need to remember that Nature has the jungle as lesson for these people to know who they are, really. And here begins the wishes for changing everything, because any person does not like to know that he/she is behaving and smelling like animals. Ok? There are a fourth kind of persons that are trying hard, doing a self-sacrifice, to be off these socials systems and its rules.Call the others attention to real facts, words only does not work.

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